Married Couples Retreat

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Married Couples Retreat

Each retreat is led by peer couple facilitators and a priest. Retreats begin on Saturday morning and end on Sunday after lunch. If you are traveling a far distance or if you would just like to start your weekend getaway earlier, you can make arrangements with us to arrive on Friday evening.

For more information please contact Jason Angelette at (504) 830-3716 /


A Married Couples Retreat is a great opportunity for couples to break away from the daily tasks and spend quality time enriching their marriage.


There are no fees for the Married Couples Retreat; this program operates through the donations of our guests. Those who are able to give more than the expenses involved, please do so. Those of more limited means may give whatever they can. Pre-registration deposit is $50. The total suggested donation for the retreat is $275 per couple. ($50 Pre-registration deposit + $225 = the total $275 suggested donation)

You may send your deposits to:
Willwoods Married Retreats
3900 Howard Ave. New Orleans, LA 70125
Checks payable to: Willwoods Community

Retreat Dates

Note: Our retreats are not intended for deeply struggling marriages. If you need assistance, please contact us, and we can help you in your search.

2017 Dates:

August 26th-27th
Archdiocese of New Orleans Retreat Center in Metairie, LA

October 7th-8th – For couples married 10 years or less
Archdiocese of New Orleans Retreat Center in Metairie, LA


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