Affordable Housing


Wayne Mayeux

Director of Affordable Housing

We begin Fall 2016 with the aspiration to sustain our mission – “to administer the corporal and spiritual needs to others.” Every member of the Affordable Housing staff has put forth the effort and ability to allow our properties overall occupancy to be at 98%. We continue to receive an abundance of inquires from prospective residents looking to make one of our Affordable Housing properties their home.

As always, our goal is to provide quality and maintained properties. We are still continuing to upgrade and remodel the interior and exterior of the apartments. Some properties have made additional improvements during this Fall:

• Belle Pointe Apartments – Installed 43 Front and Rear doors. Pressure washed and painted exterior of all 10 building. Installed new building signs.

• Cascade Apartments – Replaced damage siding and trim. Painted exterior of 3 buildings.

• Courtyard Apartments – Pressure washed all buildings. Painting stairwells.

• River Road Apartments – Building storage area behind the rental office for golf cart. Complete exterior renovation of building #100.

• Timber Ridge Apartments – Repairing and replacing damaged siding to prepare for painting. Remodeling Leasing Office & Installing Security Cameras.

From July 13–15, the entire Affordable Housing staff attended the Louisiana Affordable Housing Management Association (LAHMA) Annual Conference. This year’s session was “A Better Me”. The guest speaker Ms. Kimberly Medlock, who helped us learn more about what causes stress, its effect on all aspects of work/life and provided effective methods for improving productivity. She also gave helpful tips on being a ‘Team Player” and having communication skills with co-workers. There were also other numerous guest speakers from the housing industry giving us an update on all of the new procedures and guidelines we must follow. In addition, a vendor exhibition was held. At this exhibition, we were able to meet with vendors who offered similar or new services that can be used in our day-to-day operation.

On September 28, 2016 and November 14, 2016 LHC (Louisiana Housing Corporation) conducted a resident file audit and physical inspection at Belle Terre Village and Bell Pointe Apartments. The results indicated that both properties had no issues of non-compliance and all requirements according to the FDIC were being met. The inspector Jeff Hevey, commended the staff on how well maintained the properties are and how he enjoyed working with us and looked forward to working with us in the future. We would like to congratulate the staff for a job well done!

Furthering our education and being more knowledgeable is always an advantage in the housing industry. On November 10, 2016, Ann Roeling with LAHMA held an educational training titled “Reaching Residents” and “Community Awareness is You.” The entire Affordable Housing Staff was in attendance. She spoke about many different resident related issues, and gave us tips on ways to becoming a better listener so that we can prevent future problems. She also showed us on how to get residents more involved with their community and making them feel welcome. She explained how getting out and getting to know your residents is a huge factor when you are maintaining a multi-family property.